Secrets Exposed: Tesla Hasn’t Told Us The Whole Story About The Cybertruck

Tesla’s patent primarily shows the Cybertruck’s UI design, but we might have gotten to know about its range as well!

Tesla recently filed patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and a few unknown secrets about it have emerged

The patent mainly shows the UI design, but it reveals quite a few interesting details. At the top right, you have the temperature, range, and the clock.

A lot other stuff related to ride controls and HVAC controls is there in the patents. Even the infotainment data like music screen weather, news, etc. can be seen

Tesla had announced 500+ miles of range in the Cybertruck's top trim, but if these images are to be believed, then it could offer a range of 610 miles!

You can see a weird trailer image here. Will Tesla introduce this as well or is just for illustration purpose? We'll sure get to know when the deliveries begin

The seems to be no difference in the overall shape of the truck

We could see changes in its body material, though. , in July last year, Elon tweeted that the truck will come with different metal composition (tweeted embedded in the article)

There aren't a whole lot of other updates about the Cybertruck lately as all the focus has been on the upcoming Plaid and Plaid+ models on the Model S and Model X

Swipe up to learn in detail about what the patent reveals, and share your thoughts in the comments section

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