See The Porsche Carrera GT Being Driven Like It's Meant To Be: Flat Out

Porsche Carrera GT on an unrestricted stretch of the Autobahn? Yes, please

The Porsche Carrera GT represents the pinnacle of supercars

One of the last analog supercars demonstrates impressive pace on an unrestricted stretch of the German Autobahn and proves it can run with the new stuff

A motorsports-derived engine to die for

The Carrera GT's 5.7-liter normally-aspirated V-10 revs to over 8,000 RPM while making 612 hp and 435 lb/ft - enough to propel the 3,042 lbs car to 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 208 mph

The Carrera GT is a car that requires immense focus

It's worth noting that, when it came out, the Carrera GT was notoriously tricky to drive. Of course, tire technology wasn't the best at the time, but having no safety aids means you better be awake when driving it

The Carrera GT laid down impressive acceleration numbers

While it didn't hit the 208 mph mark, it managed impressive acceleration figures, which you can see on the image above. The mid-engine Porsche also got up to 194 mph (192 according to the GPS), with more to spare

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The car that, arguably, has the best-sounding V-10 proves why it has appreciated so much over the years. Originally, with a sticker price of $440,000, nowadays, the Carrera GT costs around $1.0 million. And it shows you why


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