Special Treatment? Italy Seeks Exemption From EU Engine Ban for Ferrari and Lamborghini

Italy wants Ferrari and Lamborghini to be excluded from the ban on internal combustion engines

Italy is in talks with the EU and is seeking an exemption for its home-bred performance brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini from the 2035 EU ban on gas-powered vehicles.

Although these Automakers sell exotic cars with higher emissions, their overall sales figures are far lower when compared to the overall auto market

Ferrari for instance only sold 9100 vehicles in 2020

while Lamborghini managed even fewer at just 7,400 units last year

This is not to say that Italy is not acknowledging the EU's commitment to reducing emissions. Auto makers like Ferrari and Lamborghini are already working toward a greener future

Ferrari has finally committed to an EV Crossover, likely to be unveiled in 2025, although it is difficult to imagine a prancing horse without a howling engine

Lamborghini is not far behind and has committed to a $1.8 Billion Electrification effort

The Italian marque will have an Aventador based V-12 Hybrid soon

With a pure EV due in 2030

These emission rules are yet to come into play and there is a lot of debate surrounding them in the EU. But the days of IC engines clearly is numbered. Swipe Up to Read More.

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