Stunning Recreation of the Lamborghini Countach LP500 Prototype Is Born

"Polo Storico" brought back the LP500 from the dead, a car that started it all and changed the automotive landscape forever nearly 50 years ago

Lamborghini has brought back the original LP500 Countach prototype from the dead in this recreation of the original car

Designed by the famed Italian Designer, Marcello Gandini, the Countach changed the automotive landscape forever, with the car's futuristic wedge-shaped design

The original prototype of the Countach, the LP500 was unfortunately destroyed in subsequent years after extensive testing, and it mysteriously vanished

With such a prominent part of automotive history missing, it was only fitting to resurrect it. A Lamborghini collector requested Polo Storico, who is the Italian brand in house restoration wing, to recreate the LP500

Polo Storico had to rely on original sketches, photos, documents, meeting minutes, and speak with people who were involved with the original car to get their bearings straight

It was no easy feat for the team, as they had to resort to rudimentary methods with limited resources at hand, in terms of details about the original car

Centro Stile Lamborghini, the brand's stying house, were in charge of the bodywork repair and styling. They had to abandon modern technological manufacturing methods

And instead, return to traditional methods of craftsmanship

The platform frame, which was radically different from the tubular frame of the later models of the Countach that followed

The sheet metal had to be beaten up and shaped to perfection by the "Battilastra" and the final outcome was dependent on his craft, and tools

Mechanical components for the car were sourced from the original Lamborghini spares bin

Several historical components were used and if parts were available, they were fabricated from the ground up

The Old school retro modern 70's interior was also put together using similar methods

I for one, still can't get enough of these seats

Pirelli also had a big role to play and their involvement with the car dates back to 1963. The car you see here features the "Cinturato CN12" tire, which was present on the car show in 1971

It would only be fitting to paint the car in the same shade that debuted it 50 years ago. The stunning shade was called "Giallo Fly Speciale.”

And with that, a dream was finally realized after 25000 meticulous man hours

A recreation of icon was complete and, even 50 years on, the car's design is timeless and still boggles the mind

The value of this LP500 will no doubt run into the millions and it most certainly belong in a museum for future generations to recognize its significance

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