Supercar Blondie's Ares Design S1 Is An Even More Unique Version Of An Already Unique Car

The C8 Corvette-based Ares Design S1 is indeed unique, but Supercar Blondie is taking it a step further

Supercar Blondie is the first proud owner of the Ares Design S1

Only 24 of these C8 Corvette-based hypercars will be made

The C8 Corvette's 6.2-liter V-8 has been modified

Instead of 495 hp it now makes 705, without any form of forced induction

The S1 is hypercar nostalgia

While unique, the S1 also incorporates elements from some of the greatest hypercars ever made

It has some Koenigsegg in it

The canopy and centrally positioned windshield are very reminiscent of the Swedish hypercars

Pagani-inspired headlights?

This one isn't as obvious, but according to Blonde, there is some resemblance to the Zonda and Huayra

Bugatti Chiron, is that you?

Word is, not all S1 cars will have the taillight strip

Exhaust tips positioned on top

We've seen that on Porsche 918 and some McLaren models

F1-style brake light

Very similar to what we see on some Ferrari models. Definitely not out of place here

Butterfly doors are standard on the S1

Most o the 24 cars will come with them out the Modena factory

But Supercar Blodie's S1 will be one of a kind

It will be the only one to feature gullwing doors

A compilation of distinctive design elements

The S1 combines a bunch of great elements in an epic package

A completely redesigned interior

Only the C8 steering wheel remains and even that's unchanged

Plenty of high-end materials, as you'd expect

The interior features quilted-leather bucket seats, exposed carbon fiber, and leather inserts across the dash

10 months after ordering it, Blondie will get the first of 24 S1

The S1 will be joined with its owner sometime in February

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