Tesla Model X Takes On The Fastest Performance SUVs

The Tesla Model X is quick, but can It run with the fastest performance SUVs currently on sale?

Can the Tesla Model X, once again, make a strong case for EVs?

With competition like this, Tesla has its work cut out for it. Or does it?

Model X has the most power and torque here, but is also the heaviest

780 hp, 841 lb/t, 5,478.5 lbs

Can the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT be the dark horse here?

640 hp, 627 lb/ft, 4,894 lbs

Lamborghini Urus is the most expensive and the lightest here

650 hp, 627 lb/ft, 4,843.6 lbs

Jeep SRT Trackhawk is the no longer on sale, but has Hellcat V-8 power

707 hp, 645 lb/ft, 5,636.8 lbs

The BMW X6 M is the least powerful, but is known to punch above its weight

625 hp, 553 lb/ft, 5,225 lbs

All cars have 8-speed automatics (except Tesla) and AWD

But we think the Urus has the funkiest shifter

Three drag races - similar results

Trackhawk has the best launch, of the ICE-powered vehicles

However, Jeep's aerodynamics let it down

It finishes 4th, leaving only the Urus behind it

The most expensive vehicle is consistently last

Despite sharing an engine with the Cayenne (with 10 more hp), it performs very differently

It's a photo finish between the Tesla and Porsche

After 3 races, the more powerful Tesla barely comes out on top

The rolling race bears very different results

In comfort mode, the Porsche easily takes the Tesla. BMW tries to catch up, but 1 mile isn't enough

In sport mode, things, once again, change

Tesla drops to 4th position, ahead of the Trackhawk, which lacks sleek aerodynamics

Urus wins the 100 mph brake test

Porsche is 2nd, BMW - 3rd, Tesla - 4th, and Jeep - last

Tesla has, by far, the most power and torque and yet, barely wins

It takes 11.2 seconds for the 1/4-mile

Porsche is 2nd on the 1/4 and winner on the full mile

11.2 seconds for the 1/4-mile. It also manages to clock 174 mph at the mile, obliterating the Model X

BMW was happy at 3rd place

It took 11.8 seconds for the 1/4-mile. On the mile, it reached its 159 mph speed limiter

In the 3rd drag race, Urus manages to beat the Trackhawk

It also took 11.8 seconds for the 1/4-mile, but was slightly behind the X6 M

The best response, off the line, but the worst aerodynamics

The supercharged V-8 Trackhawk took 12.1 seconds for the 1/4-mile. It's also, by far, the least expensive of the bunch

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Are these SUVs more powerful than it makes sense?