The 2023 BMW M2 Will Look Way Different Than You Expect

It looks like the 2023 BMW M2 will not have the much-debated long Kidney Grille

Those worried about how the 2023 BMW M2 would look may rejoice, as the prototype reveals its new kidney grille

The new spy footage gives us some idea of what we can expect from the M2 and we are pleasantly surprised

You'll be glad to know, the G87 M2 will not adopt the M3/M4 long kidney grille

Instead, it will have the more conventional design, we've gotten used to, albeit slightly larger than before

That said, the M2 will still have a different grille than the regular 2 Series

The M2 grille will be more angular and will have a different mesh, compared to the regular version of the car

Moreover, the Chinese leak suggests different headlights, in addition to the usual sportier body kit. However, we cannot confirm it from the footage

Apart from that, the M2 is expected to feature a different interior, which includes a new curvy dashboard design

Overall, it seems BMW's future design language will be bolder and more angular

Between the moment of penning this article and the M2's debut, we expect to get more details, which we'll share

For the actual car, we'll have to wait until December 2022, which means it will go on sale around the first quarter of 2023

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