The Bugatti Chiron is Fast, But Is It F1 Race Car Fast?

Red Bull F1 Race Car vs Bugatti Chiron - which one is actually faster?

A drag race between A 2011 Redbull RB7 F1 car and a Bugatti Chiron has finally revealed just which car is really faster.

The F1 car features a 2.4-liter NA V8 that’s good for 750 horsepower and a seven-speed paddle shifted gearbox.

It weighs just 1,411 pounds with a driver, and is worth roughly about $87 milllion

The Chiron is powered by an 8.0-liter V-8 that makes 1,500 horsepower, while a seven-speed DCT handles shifting duties

This Chiron weighs in at a whopping 4,400 pounds, mor than double that of its opponent

If you do the math, the F1 car has a power-to-weight ratio of 0.532 HP per ton vs the Chiron’s 0.341 HP per ton

So, the F1 car is naturally superior, but does that hold true on the track?

Well, that depends on the type of race.

The Chiron loses the typical 1/4-mile drag race, and honestly didn’t even stand a chance. The same thing happened on a rematch.

In the end, the RB7 F1 car ran the quarter-mile in 9.2 seconds with the Chiron behind at 9.6 seconds – still an admirable time, no doubt.

Things are a little different, however, when both cars start at 50 mph and race a full mile.

The Chiron was lagging behind, but right at the last second, it managed to win, crossing the finish line at 205 mph.

Don’t let this story spoil the fun- swipe up to see the video for yourself!

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