The Cost of Owning And Maintaining a Nissan GT-R R35 Might Surprise You

A comprehensive guide to Nissan GTR ownership

The entry-level price is around $111,000

Dunlop Run-Flat, 20-inch tires

$1,900 per set and they last 11,000 miles

A set of Toyo R888s cost $1,700 and last just 8,000 miles

Over 7 years, you’ll spend about $1,100 per year on tires

Brakes will set you back $700 per set

And an oil change costs around $200

You must replace the transmission and diff fluid every 18,00 miles

$900 total with fluid

Over 7 years of ownership, routine maintenance and wear and tear

Total Cost: about $17,400

After seven years, a well-maintained GT-R retains about 67-percent of its value

Making it worth between $63,000 and $75,000 in good condition


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