The DeLorean Will Be Reincarnated As An EV; Is The Future Finally Upon Us?

DMC recently put out a tweet confirming an all-new all-electric version for 2022

Fans of the DeLorean and 'Back To The Future', behold as an all-new all-electric version of the car will soon become a reality

The DeLorean Motor Company took to Twitter to make the announcement

It Read - 'The Future was never promised. Reimagine today. Sign up for the premiere of the DeLorean in 2022.'

The short clip didn't reveal much, but what we can see is that the new car will have gull-wing doors like the otginal

As you probably already know, the OG DeLorean came out in the early 80s, until it went under

But most of us remember the car for its role in the Back to the Future films

The 80s car was penned by famed Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who is also responsible for designing other iconic cars like the BMW M1 and the Lotus Esprit

His design studio ItalDesign, who are celebrating 54 years, also put out a video about the DeLorean confirming their involvement in the project

With its low slung stance, the DeLorean more than anything is the perfect car to rock an EV powertrain

The team at Italdesign will most likely clean up the design both upfront and rear, but more than anything I hope they retain the stainless steel look, as its a DeLorean hallmark

I, for one, can't wait to see what they come up with. Thankfully that wait isn't too long. Swipe up to read more.