The Differences Between Early and Late 996-Gen Porsche 911s Are Surprising

How different are earlier and later versions of the Porsche 996?

The 996.1 has the 986 Boxter headlamps

The low beams, high beams, for lights, and indicators are located in the same housing

The interior was the most modern-looking of any 911 at the time

But it also had a lot of cheap plastics - the 996.2 was a slight improvement. The sports steering wheel became standard

Earlier cars have a throttle cable, while later ones had a throttle by wire system

The same goes for the boot and deck lid buttons, which are electric on the newer 996

The 996.2 gets the 911 Turbo headlights

And bulging air vents

Same wheel size, but 10 mm wider front track

The 996.1 has the standard 17-inch wheels, while the 996.2 has the optional 18-inch and sports suspension

Both cars are fun to drive, but for different reasons

The standard suspension and smaller tires on the older car make it more comfortable

More displacement and more power for the 996.2

3.4 vs 3.6 liters and 300 vs 320 horsepower.

Both cars reach 60 mph in the low to mid five seconds

The 996.2 has more low-end torque, though

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