The Elektron Truva Is The Latest Electric Hypercar From Elektron Motors

Elektron Motors is givng Us yet another EV Hypercar. The Elektron Truva is scheduled to debut in 2023

Elektron announced its third model - the Truva

It will sit in the middle of the company's model lineup

For now, Truva only exists as a rendering

Like the rest of Elektron's model lineup, the Truva has not yet materialized

However, it is set to debut sometime in 2023

It is said to arrive 6 months after the flagship model - the 2,300 hp Elektron Quasar

Like other Elektron models, it will be an EV

A three-motor setup will generate 1,400 hp

We can expect a decent range

A 100 kWh battery pack should be good for at least 350 miles of range

Exotic car underpinnings

The Truva is said to be based on an innovative composite chassis and it also features a pushrod suspension

There will be a convertible

If there is enough interest, the Truva will also come as a convertible

Will it be competitively priced?

The Elektron Truva will have a starting price of $710,000

Familiar design?

We are not, in any way, implying that Elektron has copied design elements of existing supercars

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