The Ferrari 296 GTS Is Coming Together Nicely, But Will It Be As Good As The GTB?

If the Ferrari 296 GTB isn’t stylish enough, the 296 GTS is coming very soon.

It seems Ferrari will unveil the open-top version fo the 296 not long after the GTB's debut.

Although still under wraps, the retractable roof is clearly visible.

Performance-wise, we expect the same power and torque figures, with similar, if not identical, acceleration and top speed.

However, we expect a bit more "junk in the trunk" due to the convertible top's electric mechanism. Around 220 lbs more to be exact.

From what we can see, the 296 GTS interior will be identical to the 296 GTB.

That said, the 296 GTS could score less sporty and more comfortable GT seats, as we've seen before on Spider variants.

The car's official debut will be no later than the beginning of 2022.

Naturally, we expect the 296 GTS MSRP to be slightly more than that of the 296 GTB.

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