The Ferrari SP48 Unica is Evolutionary Bliss

The Ferrari SP48 Unica is an epic one-off, built for a very special client and you will never see another one like it ever

While the car is, certainly, unique, we have seen a similar roofline on another model

The SP48's canopy design is similar to that of the 2019 Ferrari P80/C - a track-only special, based on the Ferrari 488

Ferrari used Procedural-Parametric modelling techniques

The more mathematical approach to design has resulted in the SP48 Unica boasting a very innovative design language. Unlike other Special Project creations, there's no nostalgia from the past here

The F8 Tributo interior has been completely reupholstered

The more notable differences over the F8 include the addition of a rear screen (due to the lack of a rear windshield) and bespoke upholstery, unique to the SP48

Given the base car, a familiar powertrain is to be expected

While Ferrari doesn't say, we expect the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V-8 from the F8 to beat inside the SP48 Unica, with its 710 hp and 568 lb/ft, sent to the rear wheels

Personal connection

The one-off was built for an old client of the brand who was heavily involved in every aspect of the development. Chief Design Officer, Flavio Manzoni was heading the SP48 Unica project

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Until now, all Ferrari Special Project vehicles drew inspiration from the company's past. The SP48 Unica is its own car, as it draws inspiration from the future rather than the past


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