The Ford Focus Electric Could Have Been A Little Ahead of Its Time

Now that the Mach-E has set Ford’s real electric future in motion, is the time right to bring back the Ford Focus Electric?

Ford sold the Focus Electric between 2011 and 2018, but “sold” is really a relative term considering that during that time the company sold just over 9,000 examples.

That means that, on average, Ford managed to sell around 1,100 examples per year – not exactly figures to write home about, let alone be proud of.

But one could argue that the Focus Electric was well ahead of its time. There was little competition at launch, and it didn’t exactly have a big battery, either

At launch it was offered with a 23-kWh battery, which was later upgraded to a 33.5-kWh unit. Electric range, at its best, was just 140 miles – a laughable and embarrassing figure by today’s standards.

Things have changed a lot since the Focus Electric was discontinued in 2018, and now Ford has all of its experience and R&D that went into the Ford Mach-E. Is now the time to bring back the Focus Electric?

It’s certainly possible, and while it’s not exactly planned at the moment, Ford isn’t exactly shooting down the idea either. Ford’s Design Boss, Murat Gueler, even told Autocar that the company will launch a few electric cars in the future.

“Everybody’s launching electric cars and we will launch a few in the future. Definitely, we’re looking at everything: proportions, architectures… we’re really busy designing all the next-generation cars. There’s a lot of work going on.”

If the Focus Electric does come back, Ford will have to shift its focus away from having a lineup that’s mainly SUVs and trucks, but that’s okay.

Where the old Focus Electric was capable of 140 miles and a 11-second sprint to 60 mph, a new Focus Electric could be good for at least double the range and half the sprint time.

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Is now the right time for Ford to launch a new and improved Focus Electric, or should the company leave that model in the ground where it belongs?