The GTV Could Save Alfa Romeo But Skepticism Is Warranted

The Alfa Romeo GTV could be revived as a retro two-door coupe or a four-door competitor to the BMW 4 Series, i4, and Tesla Model 3.

Following news that Alfa Romeo was cancelling plans to revive the 8C and GTV names, we’ve now learned that the GTV may actually happen after all.

Alfa Romeo’s CEO has even said that he’s very interested in the Duetto too!

So we may see something inspired by cars like this 1972 GTV

Or this old Duetto

As of now, Company insiders have told Autocar that the new GTV could be a four-door electric coupe

If so, the GTV would battle the BMW i4

and it would have to deal with the Tesla Model 3 too

On the other side, it’s also said that it could be a sleek, retro-inspired two-door coupe.

If it does happen, it won’t be until at least 2025 as the company goes through a hardcore revitalization

Will a new GTV save the Alfa Romeo brand?

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