The Lamborghini Huracan Jumpacan is the Bonkers Off-Road Supercar The World Didn't Need

This is your first look at an off-road beast that essentially started out as a V10 Italian Exotic

Chris Steinbacher from the "B is for Build” Youtube channel has built a one off Lamborghini Huracan design to go offroad

He unveiled his plan about seven months ago and his team has been at work on this mega build since then

They swapped out the Lambo's V-10 engine with a LS V8 and have ditched AWD for rear wheel drive

A new heavy-duty off-road suspension setup was also added

A homemade tubular frame now forms the base for the whole vehicle

there isn’t really much left of this unfortunate Lamborghini, which can now only be identified by its roofline and doors

Can't wait to see the Jumpacan get some air later this year in December at the famed Mint 400 Odd-Road Event

Swipe up for the video and to learn more!

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