The Man Behind the Ferrari F430 and FXX Shows What the 296 GTB Could Have Looked Like

Did an ex-Ferrari designer just improve the looks of the new Ferrari 296 GTB?

Watch as an ex-Ferrari designer turns the 296 GTB in to a more faithful 250 LM spiritual successor

Frank Stephenson finds a lot of good design cues, but also a lot of room for improvements

Starting with the "cartoonish" wide mouth, which according to Frank is overexaggerated

He also adresses a misalignment between the hood cutting and headlights

The designer also wants to enhance the canopy-inspired design, by blacking out the roof. The mirrors could also blend in better

He also thinks the side window lines need some tidying up, removing an unnecessary trim piece in the process

Frank Stephenson also works on the 296's "shoulders"

Frank admires the "flying bridge" connecting the C-pillars

But he is adamant that a Ferrari must always have round taillights

Something he fixes, to make the 296 GTB more reminiscent of the 1963 250 LM

Next the "overstyled" exhaust needs to be "fixed" and relocated

The veteran designer is hard at work transforming the 296 GTB...

...essentially turning it into a mdoern-day 250 LM

This is how the ex-Ferrari designer would have styled the 296 GTB

He does point out that the 296 design isn't retro, but rather reminiscent of the past

Swipe up for the full transformation process. Also, which design do you prefer?