The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Isn't Being Revived Because The Company Is Broke

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Is dead and it’s not coming back - at least not for now

According to Mitsubishi CEO, the Lancer Evolution does not make financial sense

Although Mitsubishi's Ralliart Racing Division is being resurrected, the "Evo" won't follow

This means that the Subaru STI will remain unchallenged, at least for now

The company aims to return to profitability and EVs wil play a big role in that

Demand for EVs will justify the development costs. The same cannot be said about the Evolution, as the market niche is too small

Takao Kato - Mitsubishi CEO - expresses desire to once again offer an Evo

But we'll have to wait for its return...if it returns

The Evo might return at some point, as an EV, sharing components with both parrent companies

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