The New BMW M2 Will Be Rear-Wheel-Drive Only

The 2023 BMW M2 promises a purer driving experience, by sending power exclusively to the rear axle

A New BMW M2 is coming

And a new report from BMW Blog is suggesting that it could be RWD only

The new M2 will also beat the current M3 in terms of power - 490 vs 473 horsepower

And it will match the M3's 406 pound-feet (550 Nm) torque figure

Less driven wheels mean less weight and a more tail-happy experience

That said, the lesser M240i will be all-wheel-drive only

We could get an M2 CSL

The M2 migh be followed up by a 500-plus horsepower all-wheel-drive version

It is expected to debut late in 2022

It will be produced until 2029, but might be discontinued earlier in some markets

The purest M-car at the moment?

Unlike its bigger siblings, the M2 remains relatively small and light

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