The New Cadillac Teaser Is All About The Escalade-V… Or Is It?

Cadillac has dropped a teaser announcing something new, and we think it’s the Escalade-V

Cadillac released a teaser of what could be a new performance vehicle in the making. And, from the looks of it, we speculate it to be the Escalade-V

The clip teases the front end of many Cadillac vehicles, with the emphasis being on the high-riding Escalade. You can see tread marks in the front and also hear the roars and grunts of a V-8 engine

To make things even clearer, Cadillac showcases the ‘V’ badge there. All the hints point towards a performance version ‘V’ Escalade

There are no details about it yet, but we speculate the CT5-V Blackwing’s supercharged V-8 to do the duties here. In the sedan, it makes 668 HP and 659 lb/ft of torque. It is mated to a six-speed manual as standard

Whatever the vehicle is, we won’t have to wait for long. Cadillac will release this surprise vehicle today, the 21st of January. Swipe up to watch the teaser clip and let us know what you think it could be


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