The Rimac Nevera Serves As a Reminder That Future Car Tuning Will Happen Via Software Updates

In the future, Rimac can add more than 100 horsepower to the Nevera without ever coming into contact with the car.

Rimac just revealed the Nevera electric hypercar

And it is full of surprises

Outside of its super-hot looks

And that evil shade of green

The Rimac Nevera is also extremely fast

0-60 mph takes just 1.85 seconds

0-100 mph is impressively done in 4.3 seconds

While 0-186 mph happens in just 9.3 seconds

The Nevera can even run the quarter-mile

In 8.6-seconds!

These outrageous figures are made possible by the 120-kWh battery and four electric motors

Combined, the motors put out 1,914 horsepower

And 2,360 pound-feet of torque!

In a video with Carwow’s Mat Watson

Mate Rimac hit us with another surprise

Saying that the Nevera is only at 95-percent of its maximum capability

And that Rimac “can go beyond that and improve it further”

He went on to demonstrate how the Nevera can be put into a FWD only mode and joked about how it becomes a “really fast Golf”

But what was more important

Is how the company plans to make use of extra power down the road

There won’t be a hotter version of the Nevera

But the company will send over-the-air updates, allowing for an instant boost in power output

According to Rimac, the Nevera could be pushed beyond the 2,000-horsepower mark

And current owners could wake up one morning with the surprise!

Beyond all of this

Mate Rimac also confirmed that the Nevera is 100-percent bespoke, with no parts borrowed from other manufacturers

Even better yet,

Every single vent, scoop and intake is 100-percent functional

So absolutely nothing is there just for decoration.

A total of 150 examples of the Nevera will be produced

With pricing expect to be around $2.43 million each.

Slide up if you want to learn more!

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