The Sheriff is back at the Drag Strip, challenging an unlikely contender

In a bizzare face-off, the Sheriff takes on a Qaud-Bike at the Bandimere Speedway

This is by far, one of the strangest duels that you'll ever see. The Sheriff's Explorer going up against a Quad Bike at the Drag Strip at the Bandimere Speedway, in Morrison, Colorado. It might sound preposterous, but here we are

Weighing in at more than 4345 pounds, this very Ford Explorer from the Jefferson County, recently went up against the mighty Godzilla and a GT500. It was, unfortunately, no match for the Quad bike either, narrowly losing out to it

Quad bikes are essentially 4 wheel drive ATVs. While the ones that you'd typically find on a farm or on a dirt trail are rocking off-road tires, the black one seen here is sitting on Hoosier Rubber

The Biker next takes on a Mitsubishi EVO X. The EVO as you may know has to be one of the most tuneable cars out there and it's unlikely that this one is stock

The lights go out and with both vehicles packing AWD traction, its neck and neck until the midway point, however past that the EVO just had the legs and managed to take the win with a 1/4 mile time of 14.61 seconds at 101 mph

In a final bonus round, we have a Quad bike face off with the same black one taking on a Yellow Suzuki

And from the get-go, the black one just hammered it down the drag strip

I'm sure that someone put in a lot of time and money for this stealthy black Quad bike to pull off consistent 1/4 times of around 16 seconds on every pass

The Wheels Channel from YouTube didn't put out the specs of the vehicles in the video, regardless, it was still a lot of fun to watch these vehicles go head to head, within the confines of the track of course. Swipe Up to Read More.