The Supra's Six-Speed Manual Is a Weird Mix of BMW, ZF, and Toyota

A few companies had their hands in the Supra’s six-speed manual, but all were consensual – we promise

It’s Official: the 2023 Toyota Supra can be had with a manual transmission – as long as you’re willing to buy the six-cylinder model.

What’s cool about this transmission, though, is that it’s not just BMW’s six-speed manual with a Toyota emblem in the casting.

Toyota’s new six-speed is similar to that found in the Z4 sDrive 20i, however, Toyota worked with ZF and BMW to make it unique.

It features Toyota’s iMT rev-matching system and a 3.46 final gear ratio, the latter of which makes for better acceleration of the line and when downshifting but likely has a negative effect on top speed.

Either way, the parts combination inside the transmission are unique to Toyota, though the transmission is still manufactured by ZF.

There’s no limit on the manual transmission for the Toyota Supra, though, there’s only a few years left in its lifecycle so you better move quickly if you want on.

As for the four-cylinder supra, the manual will not be offered, though, Toyota is developing a high-performance automatic transmission that could make for a more engaging driving experience in the model.