The Time Is Near: Death Is Coming for Volkswagen's Manual Transmission

VW is now increasingly relying on automatic transmissions and is on the road to phasing out the Stick-Shift altogether

Volkswagen has made it official. The German Automaker will begin doing away with offering manual transmissions for its vehicles starting 2023

This comes in the light of the entire industry moving towards electrification, VW included with its I.D. range of cars

VW currently offers a manual transmission in several cars across its corporate umbrealla with brands like Skoda, Audi & Seat, although the market share for manual transmission cars is shrinking

VW continues to keep the enthusiast happy with popular models like the Golf, which still offers a manual transmission with the latest MK8

But developing this technology further makes no sense because EV's don't need a gearbox

The combustion engine market today favors auto boxes over manuals, as these gearboxes have now become far more affordable and reliable than before

One of the first models to do away with the manual gearbox include VW's next generation Tiguan Crossover

and the upcoming Passat

As VW begins to electrify its entire product portfolio, which it aims to get done by 2030

expect the manual transmission to be phased out gradually

This marks the end of an era for the stick shift at Volkswagen, which has given us some fantastic performance cars that feature a manual gearbox over the years. Swipe Up to Read More.

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