The Trifecta is a Triple-Blown 1965 Mustang That Will Piss Off Ford And Chevy Fanboys

It is sacrilege to find out about a Mustang powered by an LS engine, but your jaw will hit the floor when you figure out the number of Superchargers on this thing

Bradley Gray and his Blown Mafia crew are no strangers to churning out some insane builds.

Back in 2018, they showed off the Trifecta, with not one or even two, but three superchargers.

The Trifecta is built on top of a 1965 Mustang Coupe with a 427 LSx V-8 engine.

Now putting a Chevy engine in a Ford is just wrong. However, Gray says that this engine surprisingly fits this engine bay rather well.

Most of the performance upgrades seen here aren't just for show and they actually work.

And to prove just that, there are cut-outs throughout the cabin where you can actually see all of those performance parts in action.

A hallmark of a Blown Mafia build is red paint along with a hand-crafted tan leather interior seen here.

There's yet another cut-out behind the seats as well.

And a third one in the trunk.

The Trifecta sits on top of Mickey Thompson Drag Racing Tires.

The guys haven't ignored the undercarriage and it is just as tastefully finished as the rest of the car.

The Trifecta really has to be one of the most extreme Mustang builds out there.

The car has been to several events across the country and continues to draw crowds, which is no surprise. Swipe up to read more.

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