The Upcoming DeLorean's Full Length Light Bar Finally Reveals Itself

You’ve seen the gull-wing doors and the louvers of the upcoming EV already, here’s a proper look at the derriere set against a stunning red backdrop

DeLorean has released yet another teaser of the upcoming EV. This latest clip shows off a full-length lightbar and a backlit Delorean logo

We've known for a while that the DeLorean brand is being resurrected and an all-electric hypercar is set to be unveiled at Pebble Beach in August

It seems that we'll be seeing teasers of the upcoming car until then. Back in February, Delorean put out this image which showed off the gull-wing doors and what looks like the logo upfront

Last month, we got to see another snippet of the rear, where we got a closer look at the rear lighting arrangement and the louvers

Given the 'Back To The Future' connection, fold both young and old seem to be excited about the next-gen DeLorean

And I can't see why as Italdesign will once again be working on this latest EV hypercar

Just as they'd done, nearly four decades ago with the OG DMC 12. I'd like the stainless steel look to also make a comeback

As seen in this tastefully done render by a digital artist. Swipe up to read more.


Past And The Future: Digital Mock Up Of All-ELectric DeLorean

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