The Vanquish Name Is Dead, But Aston Martin's Ambition is Not

Aston Martin is still going to take the fight to Ferrari but not with the Vanquish name and not with the car we expected

Aston Martin has been very busy reinventing itself, and that was very evident when the new Valhalla was revealed as a radically different machine that previously expected

It’ll become even more evident with the launch of its third mid-engined supercar, which was unveiled as the AM9 Vanquish in 2019, but probably won’t carry the Vanquish name

It’s not just the name that will be different, though, as the production version of the AM9 won’t have the same Aston Martin V-6 it was supposed to have

Instead, Aston Martin will go with an AMG V-8, probably source directly from the AMG GT63, which means it should have a combustion-only output of around 630 horsepower

The engine, however, will be paired with a plug-in hybrid system, with the 201-horsepower electric motor from the GT 63 PHEV the likely candidate. Total system output should be around 830 horsepower

This V-8 engine, while more vocal, is also larger in size, which means Aston Martin must completely rework the AM9 concept that we previously saw in Geneva

It will feature a carbon fiber tub to allow for the perfect blend between structural rigidity and lightness, the latter of which is the most important as it should tip the scales at around 1,500 kg or 3,300 pounds

That kind of curb weight put it on par with the 2020 Honda Accord, which weighed between 3,131 and 3,428 pounds, and paired with 831 horsepower, we’re talking about brutal performance

The new AM9 will have an aero package inspired by the Valkyrie, however, it’ll be more road worthy as it will compete primarily with the Ferrari 296 GTB, among other icons.

The AM9 will be the last supercar to launch before Aston Martin introduces its first EV in 2025 and will eventually serve as the basis for a race car and one-make race series.

There’s still no official word on exactly when we’ll see the AM9, but it probably won’t be called the Vanquish, and it’ll be way different than we expect. How’s that for twist?

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