The Volkswagen SP2 "Reborn" Is An Obscure Brazillian Classic, Reimagined

These epic renderings of the SP2 Reborn show what a Volkswagen SP2, modified by RUF would look like

This is the Volkswagen SP2, reimagined by an independent designer, and it's epic

The project is done by 'rob3ertdesign' and gives the obscure classic coupe features from classic competition versions of the Porsche 911, mixed with a bit of RUF and Singer

rob3rtdesign is famous for his VW-based renderings

This is not the only SP2-based project he has done, but it's one of the more interesting ones, as it gives the classic car subtle modern touches and throws in some 911 Carrera 2.7 RS touches

Although not a classic 911, this Volkswagen SP2 features design cues typical for RUF and Singer's projects

While the halo headlights scream RUF, the widened wheel arches are just as typical for Singer, as they are for something done by RUF

The black and gold theme suits the car's performance-oriented character

Of course, this is nothing like the original car, which was powered by a 1.7-liter, air-cooled flat-four, mounted at the rear. Its 75 hp were enough for a 0-62 mph in 16.0 seconds and a top speed of 100 mph

The Volkswagen SP2 looks like a more practical 911

Mostly because of the hatchback-style tailgate. The engine is located right under the cargo area floor. We also see the iconic ducktail - an homage to classic 911 competition models

Proof that the SP2 deserves a successor

Resurrecting old models and names seems to be one of the main themes over the last two decades (apart from the EV expansion). This rendering is proof that the SP2 needs to come back, even if it ends up being an EV

Swipe up for more details and more epic renderings from rob3rtdesign

The SP2 still remains in relative obscurity because it was built in Brazil, for the South American market. The SP2 never got a decent engine, but if a modern successor goes as fast as this one looks, it wouldn't be a problem


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