The World’s Fastest Chevy C8 Corvette Strikes Again and Breaks Its Own Record

This C8 Corvette, owned by Emelia Hartford, has beaten its own time and set a new quarter-mile record!

Do you remember this car? In case you don't, this is the world's quickest Chevy C8 Corvette that has been in the news constantly this year

It is owned by YouTuber and racer, Emelia Hartford

This C8 Corvette had set a record earlier this year for being the quickest to quarter-mile, taking just 9.41 seconds

Now, a few months later, Emelia has broken her own record by completing the quarter-mile in just 9.36 seconds at 147 mph

Incidentally, both the records were set at the Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California

This heavily-modded C8 makes close to 1,200 horses as opposed to 495 ponies that the stock model puts out

This meant there was an extra load on the transmission and team had to tread carefully to avoid a break down

In the initial runs, the car struggled to shift through the gears. We’ve seen this on Hartford’s car in the past, too. The car even had oil leaking from the rear seal this time

But, all it needed was one run where everything worked in tandem which led to the record being broken, and within three months, Emelia has broken her own record

Do you think in the right conditions the car can break the nine-second mark? Swipe up to watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments section

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