The World's Very First Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Is A 2000-WHP Flame Thrower

This custom Lambo that runs on race fuel was tuned by the guys at Underground Racing based out of L.A.

The guys at 'Daily Driven Exotics' are no strangers to Twin-Turbo Lambo's. They flew down to L.A. to check out this one of a kind 2000 WHP Aventador SVJ

This sinister Aventador, finished in satin black is anything but stock and has been modified extensively by the guys at Underground Racing based in Los Angeles

The list of upgrades is rather extensive, where the entire V-12 was disassembled and new turbos and other performance components were added, and the engine now produces 2000 WHP

An all-new custom built exhaust system was added, which produces a deafening noise

Hard acceleration results in torque steer. The shifts between 3rd and 4th gear is pretty violent with peak boost coming in higher gears

This Aventador SVJ runs on custom MS 109 Race fuel, that enables it to produce that mental HP number of 2000

It costs $175 a can

Pit stop done, it was time to get this beast out on the road

Watching this Lambo at full chat on the Freeway is a spectacular to say the least, through out flames and a deafening noise along the way

It was a sight to behold watching this ballistic Lambo at night, with the exhaust flames looking like a fighter jet with its afterburner on

All said and done, this twin-turbo Lambo costs well north of a million bucks and was a total treat to watch. Swipe up to read more


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