These Patent Filings Indicate That A New Mazda Sports Car Is In The Reckoning

Mazda is definitely working on a future sports car; can this be the new RX-7 successor?

There is solid proof that Mazda is indeed working on a flagship sports car.

Mazda recently filed a total of 14 patents, all related to the structure of the car.

A trademark for a new "R" logo was also filed. It looks similar to the old "Spirit R" logo used on the RX-7.

One of the schematics shows a resemblance to the RX-Vision concept, unveiled in 2015.

A driveshaft tunnel is clearly visible on this schematic. This indicates the use of an internal combustion engine.

However, the engine will most likely not be a rotary unit. The newly developed 3.0-liter inline-six makes the most sense.

A hybrid powertrain is not out of question either.

The total power output is believed to be in the 400-500 hp range.

Although we don't know exact dates yet, this clearly indicates Mazda is working on something performance-oriented.

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