This 1800 HP Chevrolet Corvette C7 Will Give You The Creeps

This sinister-looking C7 Corvette Z06 features sequential gears, gigantic turbo, and spits flames like an active volcano

This highly modified C7 Corvette Z06 is like no other

After a lot of research and development, as well as trial and error, Matt - the owner of this Corvette - created the ultimate, streetable Corvette C7 Z06

This is not your typical drag build

Although initially, this started as a drag project, Matt wanted a very fast car that could also be used on the street. However, at the time of the build, the LT4 engine lacked the aftermarket support needed to handle high horsepower

Arguably the most unlikely engine swap on a Corvette

Matt blew a few LT4 engines, before deciding to switch to a built LS unit. The engine was built by Borowski Racing Engines and is capable of 2,300 hp. It also has a 94mm Precision turbo strapped on

The C7 Corvette is nowhere near its limits

Matt says, the Corvette has a few different settings. He is only running full boost - 40 psi - on the racetrack, with a special tune for C16 race fuel. Despite needing more work, the car is capable of a low-10-second time at the 1/4-mile

But this Corvette also manages to put the power down, like no other

This is due to major drivetrain upgrades, including a 6-speed sequential transmission, an upgraded differential and a quad-carbon clutch

What's next for the C7 Corvette Z06

Matt is considering an upgraded turbo or going for a twin-turbo setup, in order to achieve his next goal - 2,300 hp. He's also planning to take it to the Texas 2K, so keep an eye out if you find yourself there

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Matt shares all his experience with the build as well as useful tips, in addition to giving the TRC host an epic ride, which proves that the last front-engine Corvette is still plenty quick


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