This 2022 BMW 8 Series Prototype Is Hiding A Dirty Secret

The BMW 8-Series is getting a refresh for 2022, and we can see quite a few changes in these spy photos

Completely new lower front fascia

Te 2022 facelift will bring new air inlets

Redesigned headlights

Although they look nearly identical, they are slightly slimmer than before

The perfect profile?

No visible changes are done to the sides of the 8-Series

The interior is touched too

The 2022 facelift scores a new infotainment screen

Bigger and squarer infotainment screen

It will be accompanied by software optimizations

Revised rear end

The 2022 8-Series wil have a slightly revised rear bumper

Still has fake exhaust tips

The rectangular exhaust tips hides the actual exhaust pipes, which are much smaller

New taillights

The same housing now features different LED graphics

There could be more changes on the way

This is not the final version, so we expect a few more changes by the time it's ready


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