This Evil, Red-Eyed BMW Could Be The 2023 M8 CSL

BMW is bringing back the CSL moniker, and it’s landing smack dab on the M8 flagship

If the Devil had a car, this would be black.

The CSL moniker blesses the M8, transforming it into a track monster

Fixed rear wing and louvers on the rear windows

These features suggest some serious weight-shaving has been done to the M8. It needed it

New grille for better "breathing"

The new 3-D grille doesn't have a mesh, allowing the car to "snort" more air towards the V-8

Even more vents and attitude

New air extractors on the hood, together with a new splitter and lots of red accents give an intimidating look

Heavy diet

Rumors suggest the M8 CSL will be at least 220 lbs lighter than the normal car

Racecar-like interior

Expect lots of exposed carbon fiber, bucket seats, rear seat delete, and more

An epic celebration gift

With the M8 CSL, BMW celebrates 50 years of its M-division

Coming up soon

Expect a debut in Spring, 2022

Will it stand a chance against the NISMO GT-R and 911 GT3 RS?

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