This Failed Moose Test Confirms That The Ford Mach-E Is Actually A Mustang!

Next stop to confirm the Mach-E is a Mustang: Hit the crowd

‘Teknikens Värld’ conducted a moose test with a Mach-E and it fishtailed its way into the cones, something that is the Mustang is also notoriously famous for

The Mustang Mach-E was tested at three speeds - 68 kmph (42.3 mph), 70 kmph (43.5 mph), and 72 kmph (44.7 mph). The Mach-E didn’t pass even one of them successfully

In fact, it couldn't even straighten itself in the end and went off course. The presenter said the Electronic Stability Control and the chassis are to be blamed for this

Even the Tesla Model Y and the Hyundai Ioniq 5 were tested, and they passed with flying colors

Well, at least this proves that the Mach-E is actually a Mustang! Swipe up to watch the video and read about the test in detail

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