This Fan-Made Trailer Will Make You Itch For Need for Speed Underground 2 Remastered

This Russian-made Need for Speed Underground 2 Remastered trailer brings back fond memories.

This fan-made Undergroudn 2 trailer is proof that a remastered version of the game needs to happen

The trailer shows amazing reflections, weather effects, and detailed textures of the both the cars and the open world

The trailer starts from the airport, with "Riders on the storm" playigng in the background

Rachel's iconic wide-body 350Z is the main star and gives us a tour around familiar sights

The "Z" is joined by two more iconic NFS cars

Eddie's R34 Skyline GT-R

And the "Most Wanted" BMW E46 M3 GTR

An epic finale

The cars line up and each goes their separate way, towards their respectable gaming locations

Swipe up to witness the sheer epicness. Also, would you like a NFS U2 tribute based on the NFS Heat engine?

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