This Ford Mustang Smashed The Quarter-Mile World Record For Stick-Shift Cars

This Six-Second Mustang develops 1,900 Hp and is the fastest Stick-Shift Car in the World

This Ford Mustang started life as a 2012 Boss 302, but gradually transformed into "Constantine"

The car started as a mildly modified street racer, but eventually became the record-breaking drag car it is today.

There's a good reason this Mustang is named after a fictional demon hunter, based on a DC comic book

The red "Stang" spits flames and kicks ass as it annihilates the quarter-mile in under 7 seconds, at over 200 mph

Joel - the driver of "Constantine" - says there's room for improvement

Currently, the twin-turbocharged Coyote is running gen 1 heads and block with a twin-turbo setup and peripheral upgrades, which is good for 1,900 whp

The small, but dedicated team aims to keep racing manual gearboxes no matter what

The team's motto is "Stick shift the world!" and it proved that a manual car can not only run, but also beat other non-manual drag builds, as it covers the 1/4-mile at 6.956 seconds at 202 mph

We are told this will not be the last record Constantine will break

Joel says that, for next year, the goal is to get into the 5s. A new, better engine will find its way into Constantine's engine bay, but the stick shift will remain

Swipe up for more details on the current, fastest stick-shift American car in the world

Do you think that, with the new engine, Constantine will manage to get into the 5s, while still using a manual gearbox? We'll make sure to let you know when the time comes


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