This is the Nissan Z Race Car The World Deserves

This GT500-inspired Nissan Z Racecar is the work of an independent automotive designer, and it looks epic

JONSIBAL introduces his vision of a Nissan Z GT500 racer

From every angle, the Z looks like it came out of the Japanese Grand Touring Championship

It even has the iconic Number 23, which is symbolic for Nissan

Most Nissan racecars wear the number 23, as it sounds close to the Nissan name in Japanese

Inspired by a pin

The Z celebrates the launch of a rare car pin,shaped like a racing version of the new Z

At the same time, it stays true to Nissan's motorsport herritage

The Z's body features many elements fro mthe 2007 NISMO F airlady Z and GT-R GT500 racers

It's how it would look in real life

This is very close to what we expect the GT500 version of the real car to look like

Swipe up for more details on the Z

Would you like to see one blasting down a racetrack?


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