This Mercedes SLR McLaren by MSO is Rare, but Is it Worth Bugatti Chiron Money?

One of the 25 Mercedes SLR McLaren MSO Editions produced is listed for sale in Germany, but the cost is steep

The McLaren Special Operations treatment for the SLR added bespoke features but was available only for 25 lucky customers

A new more aerodynamic body kit and bespoke wheels set apart the MSO from your "average" SLR

MSO also upgraded the steering and suspension. They also added carbon-ceramic brakes and titanium exhaust, because why not?

The engine was stock, although at least some of the 25 cars had a bespoke tune. It repordetly brought power over the 722 Edition's 641 hp figure

This meant 0 to 60 mph in under 3.6 seconds and a 209+ mph top speed, all while sitting in comfort and luxury

The car is listed for sale in Germay and the asking price is €2,600,000 or $3.1 million. That's 15 times appreciation in value.

It's also more than what a Bugatti Chiron goes for, which is insane. On the other hand, it is, arguably, much more bespoke

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