This Mk4 Supra Has A Diesel Engine From A Tank

You’ve probably not seen or heard of an engine swap quite like this one, and this one represents JDM Royalty

You probably haven't seen a Supra quite like this one. This lifted Mk4 icon has something potent lurking under the hood

Well, it's not what you think, instead of it's a Cummins diesel engine, from a tank. Now that is crazy. But squeezing in such big mill into the tight Supra is some feat

We unfortunately don't have the exact numbers, but what we can tell you is that its turbocharged and considering it was once used to lug around a war bred tank, it's got to be a big one

You can see that this one wears a modified front bumper with a giant gaping hole, to let that beast of an engine breathe better

Moving to the side, you'll find some purposeful fender flares and what looks like a bumper or lack of it rather. This rig was clearly designed for the battle field I suppose, or an Apocalypse

You even have a roof rack that looks like the perfect size to fit an off-road spare tire

You can't help but notice some custom parts that were designed specifically for this Supra, like these beautiful rear view mirrors for instance

The car, if you can even call it that looks particularly menacing finished in matte black, and it somehow manages to continue to look like a Supra, thanks to the giant wing and those iconic lights

However, the best part has to be the fact that this Supra is rocking a tow bar. Now that's something that I've never seen before

Moments later, the guy who owns this rig showed up and fired it up. Instead of the usual flames, you had puffs of black smoke and it actually sounds like a Semi

Nonetheless, this Mk4 Supra is still cool and was a crowd puller at what was in fact a venue with over 100 GT-Rs. Swipe up to take a closer look at one of the craziest engine swaps you'll ever see on a Supra.