This Porsche 911 E Rendering Is A Subtle Nod To The Classic 935

Could This 935-inspired rendering foreshadow the EV equivalent of the Porshe 911?

Unofficially, the race for a Porsche 911 E design has begun

This particualr one is done by Sandor Boldog

It mixes classic with modern

The design takes inspiration from a few Porsche models, most of which are classic

But it features strange technical decisions

The rear-mounted electric motor and battery are air-cooled

But that's more of a tribute to classic Porsches

Air-cooling has long proven to be obsolete

It will not be a 911 replacement

It will be more of an EV equivalent if Porsche gives the green light

Meanwhile, we are assured that the 911 will never go fully-electric

But it is expected to get a hybrid powertrain in the future

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What do you think of the 911 E?

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