This Rare 550 Barchetta Is The Last Front-Engined V-12 Ferrari!

A rare 2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta is looking for its new owner, and it’s a prime example of a car that could seriously increase in value.

A late Ferrari 550 Bachetta is certainly not a common sight

And the owner of this one is finally ready to part with it

Why Ferrari made it

It was built to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Pininfarina

Essentially a topless 550 Maranello

Ferrari gave you a cloth top to protect the interior from rain and not to drive with it at high speeds

Ferrari built more units than initially planned

They built 448 cars instead of 444 and the reason may surprise you

A Japanese superstition surrounding the number "4" was the reason for the extra cars

In Japanese "4" is pronounced as "shi", which also means "death" in Japanese. Ironically, Ferrari countered the superstition by building 4 extra cars

The 550 Maranello engine remained the same

The 5.5-liter V-12 produces 478 horsepower and 419 pound-feet

Lower top speed due to the lack of roof

While the 550 Maranello could reach 200 mph, the 550 Barchetta could only do 186 mph

Each 550 Barchetta has a unique serial number

A must-have feature for any limited edition vehicle

It's also a proper driver's car

All 550 Barchetta have the gated six-speed manual

This one is barely driven too

With just 8,173 miles on the clock

Which is why the black leather interior is still like new

Just like the rosso finish on the exterior

It also has a few tasteful but reversable mods

A new exhaust and an Alpine stereo have been installed, but the original ones come with the car too

If you want to know more about this rare V-12 Italian stallion...

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