This Reimagined 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Is a Family Heirloom With An Awesome History

Having classic Corvette nostalgia? This 1968 Chevrolet Corvette S/C lightweight is a one-off, home-built special with an amazing story behind it

This unique-looking, 1968 Chevrolet Corvette is a testimony to a car nut's commitment to automotive perfection

Back in 1968, long-time GM technician - Richard Smith - went on to build his own vision of a lightweight S/C Corvette. He named it The Beast and this is the story behind it

The story about The Beast came from Richard's nephew - Greg Geigel - who has a modified C3 Corvette of his own

Nowadays, Greg owns both Corvettes, as he managed to reacquire The Beast in summer, 2021, and bring it back into the family

As you can tell, The Beast is quite a bit different from a normal C3 Corvette

As a GM Tech, Richard had access to a wide range of GM parts, as well as the right people. While he fabricated much of the car, Bruno's Corvette, in Studio City, CA was responsible for the one-piece, fiberglass clamshell and rear section

Richard's goal was lightness and simplicity

Every part of the Corvette was simplified. Richard wanted a street competition car that was also streetable. After all the mods, the classic Corvette weighed in at just under 2,700 lbs

Inspiration for The Beast was drawn from Corvette concept cars

Richard liaised with other people at GM, in order to discuss designs and engines. In particular, the ZL-1, 454 cu-in Big Block V-8, used in many of said concept cars

The Beast had a beast of an engine under the clamshell hood

The all-aluminum ZL-1 engine was a beast that featured carefully picked parts. It had internals from the LS6 and LS7 engines, to name a few. It was mated to a Muncie 4-speed with 3:70 gears. The Beast is said to make close to 650 hp

Richard wanted the traditional US racing colors

For this reason, he went with Appliance white as a primary color, which is the brightest shade of white. The stripe is done in Pontiac Trans Am Lucerne Blue

In the early 1980s, Richard sold the car to a good friend of his, in Denver

After the next owner passed away, Greg wanted to bring the car back into the family. He finally managed to reacquire the car, in the summer of 2021 and now, The Beast is back in the family

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The story of The Beast is a testimony to our undying love for fast cars. This family heirloom is also one of the first modified C3 Corvettes in the world, which makes it even more unique and special. It also shows that simplicity is, sometimes, better