This Shelby Cobra Replica Is So Good, You Can't Tell It Apart from the Original

Can a well-executed replica really be a worthy substitute to the million-dollar Shelby Cobra?

Less than 1,000 original Cobras were made and most of them cost millions

Because of this, the Shelby Cobra is the most replicated car in the world, and this one may be the best replica of them all

Not just a replica, but a Continuation car

The CSX 4000 is a continuation car, built by Shelby American, in conjunction with Kirkham Motorsport

Still powered by a 427 V-8

However, this one is a modern engine with fuel injection, made entirely from aluminum

The snug, Competition interior is period-correct, down to every detail

The dominating features are the wood-rim steering wheel and shifter for the 4-speed Top Loader

The word lightweight was invented for the Cobra and its derivatives

This one has the lighter aluminum body, which tips the scales at not much more than 2,200 lbs

Well worth the price

While most replicas are only an approximation of the real thing. High-end builds such as this continuation car can easily fetch 6 figures

Swipe up for more details and to see the appraisal process

Despite being finished in the early-2000s, the car is every bit as authentic as an original Cobra, as the video appraisal shows


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