This Suzuki Jimny Identifies As a Mercedes G-Class

All you have to do is add some kit to your Jimny to give it the Mercedes G-Class drip and swag

Japanese aftermarket company, Liberty Walk, has come up with four different kits and various accessories to give the Suzuki Jimny some Mercedes G-Class vibes

The Light body kit comes with just frontal enhancements, which include a front bumper, grille, and a wide fender. Then there's a Complete body kit that comes with a rear wing along with the three items from the first kit

Third one is the Premium Complete body kit that includes front bumper, grille, wide fender, rear wing, front roof spoiler, and a new hood

The fourth kit is essentially the same as the Premium Complete body kit, but the hood here is composed of carbon fiber

Other than this, Liberty Walk also offers LED tail lamp, headlight, front signal side marker set, tailpipes, and wheels for the exterior

For interior aesthetics, you can opt for seat covers, steering wheels, and floor mats, too

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