This Turbocharged K24 Lancia 037 Tribute Could Be Your Perfect Project Car

An Awesome, but unfinished Lancia 037 Tribute is looking for a new owner, and you have to see it

An impressve alternative to the original Lancia 037 has jsut come up for sale, but it needs some final touches

It started life as a 1977 Lancia Scorpion

But the new body from Cateroni, New Zealand has turned it into an 037

Fatihful to the original 037 design

The new body is mounted on a custom chromoly chassis

Front and back tilt body, just like the original 037

It also has the obligatory rally headlights

And there's the integrated big rear spoiler

As well as period-correct three-piece Braid wheels

More stopping power

In the form of bigger brakes and 4-piston callipers

And improved suspension

Eibach springs for better handling

The cherry on the top

A turbocharged Honda K24 engine provides the power

The Mishimoto intercooler povides cold air for the Borg Warner snail

Power is sent to the rear through a sequential gearbox

It also has proper bucket seats

OEM THR-E racing seats for excellent support

Full-on race interior

Alcantara steering wheel, intercom radio, and GPS have been fitted

An almost finished project

The 037 Tribute requires a bit of assembly and final touches

If you are interested in learning more

Swipe up for all the details


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