This Twin-Turbo Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Is Downright Ridiculous

With more than 1,200 horsepower at maximum boost, this Shelby GT500 could probably fly if it had wings

This 2020 Ford Mustang Shleby GT500

Is said to be the world's most powerful 2020 GT500

Upgraded with a Hellion twin-turbo setup

It's capable of producing crazy amounts of HP and Torque

With 6 PSI of boost

It didn't even beat the stock car at just 711 horsepower

As boost pressure was increased, so did power

At 17 PSI it produced 1,145 HP and 817 LB-GT

At 20 PSI, however,

This GT500 delivers 1,252 HP and 867 LB-FT

Swipe up to see the dyno video and learn more!

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