This Widebody Porsche Taycan Rendering Will Scratch Your NFS Underground Itch

This is what a Porsche Taycan could look like if it is featured in the next Need for Speed Underground game

A widebody Taycan is certainly a sight to behold and it should definitely make it into the next Need for Speed game.

This is the work of Shashan Das and it's not the first time we've come across his creations.

The designer shares that he has drawn inspiration from the RWB bodykits, made by Nakai San.

Porsche probably isn't happy that someone is chopping up their cars to turn them into widebodied bright-colored creations, but we find the idea of an RWB Taycan qute amusing.

We think the front end especially benefits the treatment, as the stock front fascia looks quite boring in comparison. No offense, Porsche. We love you... most of the time.

The rear gets more carbon fiber, a new diffuser, and a big rear wing.

The wheels and tires look like they came straight off a racecar.

The wheels and tires look liekThey fill the well-pronounced wheel arches nicely.

Do you think the Porsche Taycan can have a place in Need for Speed game?

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