This Year's Grand Tour LOCHdown Special Airs July 30th

The boys are back! Driving 70s American Cars through Scotland

This year's Grand Tour: Lochdown special, which premieres on July 30, comes to you from Scotland. A trailer of was released in YouTube & TikTok

Unlike some exotic locales typical of the GT specials, this year's episode was shot in Scotland owing to covid restrictions elsewhere

Jezza drives a fifth-gen Lincoln Continental,

you can see him struggling to get into the car here

Hamster meanwhile is in a third-gen Buick Riviera

with a Superbird-style wing on the rear that mysteriously got added along the way

Captain Slow on the other hand drives

a fourth-generation Cadillac Coupe de Ville

these large, American land yachts, as one would guess

are not really ideal for the small roads of the Scottish countryside

The boys can also be seen in the trailer engaging in various pranks, typical of them

with everything from hauling and ruining three trailers

to trying to put together a temporary bridge across the lake

They also hit the race track

in a bid to see which one among their car's is fastest perhaps?

Here's Jeremy's Lincoln kicking some dust off the curb

and what appears to be Hammond crossing a pond in his green Buick

The trailer also shows a couple of other cars, James is seen bashing up Jeremy here in some really beat up cars

Jeremy is seen at one point fruitlessly attempting to fix his Lincoln as Hammond and May laugh at his incompetence

From the looks of it, this episode was undoubtedly filmed in some spectacular locations in Scotland

And invokes memories of Top Gear when most of the show was shot in UK

Catch the Grand Tour LOCHdown special on July 30 on Amazon Prime